Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Only two days after El Milenio assures us that Yucatan is as ‘safe’ as Switzerland…

… if Yucatan were a country, it would be the equivalent of Switzerland, “for its security model and impetus to social peace there, for the solution of conflicts,” he said.

four young men were attacked, separately, in the colonia of Xoclán (west Merida) by at least three members of the “Crazy Dogs” gang (Loco Perros), leaving a 19 yo dead and three hospitalized with serious stab wounds. The killer, age 16, was apprehended by the police with the blood-soaked knife in his possession. Two other arrested suspects were 16 and 18.  The victims’ ages were 23, 22, 19, and 17.

The motive for attacking other young men, individually, at random was not disclosed. Do we need to know more than “Crazy Dogs”…?

Meanwhile, two men drove through a reten (checkpoint) without slowing down, were pursued, and arrested in possession of an automatic weapon (assault rifle), a good quantity of different drugs including crack, and a scale. (But Q.R. plates, mind you, so we’re “safe.”)

Meanwhile, a distraught 56 yo husband shot his ex-wife twice and committed suicide in the beach village of San Felipe, Yucatan. Jealous over her finding another man, he confronted her while she was shopping, and shot her twice. Convinced she was dead, he shot himself in the mouth, dying “in plain sight on the public street.” The wife is hospitalized, wounded in the abdomen and arm.

Meanwhile, the “King of Theives” (rey de robo) was arrested in Merida and charged with 37 burglaries in Las Americas, Francisco de Montejo, Pensiones y Ciudad Caucel.  These are mostly brand new or newish fraccionamientos. Burglaries are reportedly higher in those neighborhoods because the protectores aren’t as strong as most older homes and no one is around to keep an eye on things during the daytime.

See?  Just like Switzerland!

I don’t take any pleasure in being snarky about this.  In fact, I apologize for it.

But we’re on the topic of safety, of the death of my friend, and quality of life in Merida lately. Merida is pretty much like most other large cities in the world. There are problems of every type. The described events all happened in the last couple of days.

I’m an optimist in general. I guess it doesn’t show in my writing lately. The death of Sam certainly gives me a more cynical view of every claim of “safety” in Merida.

Twenty years ago, or a dozen years ago, you could read “Safe as Switzerland” and think, “yeah, that’s about right.”

These days, that’s what people tell themselves to keep from facing reality all around them. The city and state are still safer than many parts of the world.  They are safer than some areas of Mexico. But…

Dangerous elements do exist and the wise tourist or resident will take measures to stay safe.