I promise I’m not going to keep this up forever! But I may create a new poll to narrow down the tip-top reasons from the top five or six so far. Allowing people to pick the Top Five reasons may have spread the votes out a bit, so making it the top one or two reasons would involve some hard decision-making.

Here’s another view, converted into percentages.  At this point a couple more folks have voted so the poll is up to a minimum of 44 people voting.  That’s far more than I expected to find this corner of the Internet.

Dispatches Why Choose Merida

Affordable Cost of Living still is at the top, nearing 90%! Safety & Crime Rate moved up a bit with a couple more voters weighing in.  Walkable Lifestyle, Safety, History, and Environment/Recreation are all very popular, at near 70% or above.

The Friendly People and Neighbors category is near 50-50. Just from casual blog reading and no statistical surveying of words written, that still surprises me a bit. It seems like most Merida writers enjoy reporting on their wonderful friends and neighbors, both expats and local folks alike, but maybe that’s not the original reason for their choice of new city and country.

One out of three looks at their home or other property as an Investment. I’m surprised that is so high, honestly.  My perception has always been that Merida is a lifestyle choice, primarily.  But checking the readership of “Dispatches,” it seems that hits are roughly 50% from the USA & Canada (Where are the Italians and Brazilians? The Thai? The curse of writing in English? haha) and 50% from within Mexico. So, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Some of those may represent rental home owners.

Ok, that’s it for this round of polling, but another may be in the offing later on. I suppose that means I’ll have to put together some semi-coherent thoughts on Safety.

That is a topic that fascinates me, vexes me, and leaves me wondering, over and over.  Maybe it is too big of a topic and that’s why I have a hard time getting started.

Meanwhile, if anyone has their own personal revelations about the Why Choose Merida, feel free to chime in.