Why did you choose merida chartHere are the poll results. Remember that the “top five” choices were allowed, which created the possibility that some would group together. And that’s just what happened.

Is anyone surprised that Cost of Living was the standout answer?

Merida is more affordable than some places in the USA, but it isn’t a lowest-cost destination. (Some might argue that “anymore” should be added to the preceding sentence.)

One of the interesting comparisons to the USA survey shows Safety at a relatively low fifth place for Yucatan-dwellers, rather than the runaway #1 in Dallas, where Affordability was a far-below #2:


I know some of the choices in my poll seemed odd for Merida or Yucatan, but I was trying to mimic the N.O.B. poll to some extent. (In case anyone was wondering.)

Here’s a little tidbit for you: The suburb rated by the DMN as one of the “safest,” and with such safety-conscious residents, recently had an assassination-style killing right on a main street, in broad daylight.  A man and his wife were sitting in an SUV.  A white SUV drove up, two masked men got out, shot the husband several times, and made their getaway.  The couple’s 13 yo son walked up on the scene moments later.

When was the last time that happened in Merida? (well, there are a couple “almosts,” so let’s don’t get too carried away with the bragging rights). The DFW murder rate is about 11 per 100,000.  Contrast that to Yucatan’s reported 2.5 or so per 100,000.

The gunmen have not been caught.  The DFW-area shooting is thought to be drug cartel-related. Yet which country do all our NOB friends and family think is most safe?  Doesn’t that disconnect from facts and reliance on media-generated panic become so annoying?

A couple more survey comments:  There were a total of 211 votes as of this writing, which translates into a minimum of 43 voters if everyone used all five votes and one person voted only once. It could be a lot higher number of voters, if various folks used less than five votes each.  The software that creates the polls really doesn’t give a lot of options for the break-downs and tracking at all.  (Maybe I’ll redo this in the near future with one vote each and topics suited only for Yucatan and then compare the results. Only allowing one vote will spread out the results more distinctly.)

One surprise for me was that Friendly Neighbors / the People scored relatively low at sixth place.  To me that’s one of the secret treasures of Yucatan. And, obviously, for our love-birds in pink on the chart, it was a very important reason!

What do these results say to you?  I imagine there are more revelations, so if you are so inclined, feel free to comment below.