Yes, I said I was going to talk about safety issues. Personal safety.  This is part of getting there.

Recently, a metro USA newspaper touted an up-and-coming suburb as a good neighborhood for empty nesters.  Without saying how the data was gathered or who gathered it, they had a nice graphic showing how empty nesters make their living choice.


Safety was the number one rationale for choosing a neighborhood!  Six times more important than Affordability.  I found that interesting and a bit surprising.

The first thing I’d personally consider would be Affordability – of property, cost of living, travel, entertainment.  Many lovely neighborhoods in the North/Northeast of Merida are quite safe but I could never afford to live there.

So, my #1 answer would be Affordability, then …. all the rest.

Before going on with my discussion of safety issues and concerns, I was curious to see if the dozen or so readers of this blog agree with the Empty Nesters studied by the Dallas Morning News.  Is there a main reason how most Expats  chose Merida? Was Safety the #1 reason?

We’ll see how this poll goes and then carry on. Please feel free to explain further in comments or suggest other primary motivations.  You can vote for your top five personal reasons, so that may give an insight into readers here.  It wouldn’t be representative of all the expats in Merida, unless they all come vote!