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Displaying both the woeful inadequacy of their university education and their innate ignorance, bigotry, and apparently completely inadequate high school civics courses as well, members of the University of Southern Mississippi band shouted a racist chant at Kansas State University point guard Angel Rodriguez during an NCAA tournament basketball game today.

After Rodriguez was fouled, some band members began shouting “Where’s your green card?  Where’s your green card?” 

Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.  Everyone born there is a U.S. citizen, period.  Whether he grew up in Miami or in Puerto Rico, he was already a U.S. citizen from the day he was born. Simply put for all Suthan Miss stoodents to memorize:  All citizens of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens.

Coming on the heels of Rick Santorum’s visit to Puerto Rico where he told the majority Spanish-speaking territory that they needed to speak English:

Santorum’s comments left one of his prominent supporters – Oreste Ramos – so upset that Ramos, a former Puerto Rican senator, rescinded his endorsement.

“Such a requirement would be unconstitutional, and also would clash with our sociological and linguistic reality, as a question of principle I cannot back a person who holds that position,” Oreste said, according to El Vocero. “As a Puerto Rican and Spanish-speaking U.S. citizen, I consider the position of Mr. Santorum offensive.”

and after telling Iowans, “I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.” among regular other expressions of bigotry, including intentional homophobia, today’s incident combines to show the inexcusable degree to which the USA is clearly not yet a post-racist nation.

Indeed, racism is alive and well and thought to be morally acceptable by far too many of our fellow citizens.  These college students are idiots of the type who vote for other idiots like Santorum.

Que pena? ¡ No! ¡ que pendejos!

Karma makes an appearance:

Rodriguez provided the lift necessary to get K-State over the hump in a 70-64 first-round victory.

Rodriguez finished with 13 points and four assists in 27 minutes.

If you have the stomach for the “fun” that college students in the USA are having as official representatives of their university these days, here’s a report on the pendejos of University of Southern Miss.

UPDATE:  Presente.org has a protest petition up, requesting that USM create a scholarship fund for immigrant children to address the fact that these children are currently facing constant attack in the State of Mississippi right now.