A Canadian woman who moved to Yucatan because of the safe and quiet reputation was burgled in the early morning hours of March 2. Neighbors heard barking dogs but didn’t think it important. The burglars accessed the back yard / garden via an adjacent empty lot and forced the lock on the back door. Clothing and electronics were stolen, including an iPod, having a total value of about $20,000 Mxp.

She reported to the police that she had “never had problems in Canada, then I came to Merida and I was robbed.”  Casa located on Calle 62 between 43 and 45 en Centro.

Reported in the Diario de Yucatan.

“Pablo’s” comment below the article:

merida tiene fama de ser un lugar seguro, pero una cosa es la fama y otra la realidad, la fama la dan las autoridades con tanta propaganda, mejor debieran decir la verdad o no decir nada

Merida is famous for being a safe place, but fame is one thing and reality is another.  Reputation comes from authorities’ propaganda.  Better to tell the truth or don’t say anything.