Theresa is a married woman from what I have gathered. She mentions “husband” frequently, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him.  I’ve never met Theresa either and only read about her on the Internet.

Merida has many bloggers, writers, website creators.  But only one Theresa.

And I love her (writing).   She tells me what she does all day and somehow that greatly relaxes me, informs me, inspires me, and educates me (I’ll likely never learn to be a good cook, but it’s a thought). If she wants to try something new, she just does.

Theresa is probably the most Zen person of all the people know, including those who go on and on about studying Zen or Buddhism or take your pick. She exists in the here and now. She does what comes next. When she is finished, she is finished.  Little to no fretting. And then she moves on.

While there are plenty of other people concerned about their own self-importance, their wealth, their good taste, their “build” (house remodeling project), their design talent, their pedigree or professional experience, their superiority over others in whatever form imaginable, Theresa represents Theresa.  There is a lot of “I’m so great” in the world.  Those are a dime a dozen.

There’s very little of “Here’s who I am” and that kind of person is highly admirable to me.

Instead of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I have Theresa and What do I do all day. And I count myself lucky.

There’s no pretense, no presumption. Only Theresa and what she does. Cooking, sewing, painting, writing, women’s meetings, being at home with dog and husband, adventures in the city.

I ‘met’ her many years ago via The Merida Insider where she was a thoughtful and helpful writer.  From there, she went on to begin her own blog as a means of informing her family in the USA about life in Merida, Yucatan.  She continues to be as wonderful to read today as ever.

In my mind, Theresa is as real as real gets.  And the world is dreadfully short of “real.”

One day,  maybe I will meet Theresa and husband, maybe dog, too.  I hope husband won’t be jealous.  I’m not after her. Just her writing and that already comes direct to me everyday on this screen.

But, if she happens to have some home-cooked food handy……………

What do I do all day?