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For many years, decades, I have been reading, studying, traveling, living and loving Merida and Yucatan.

Finally, after all this time, I’ve decided to write something myself. Not that I haven’t written before. Websites and blogs from autos to photography to archaeology to politics to Yucatan and others have drawn my interest. If there were a place out there which fit perfectly, I’d simply be happy participating there. So, what’s missing?

Answers, I guess.  I like to know “why” about many things. I love history. Color. Images. People. But most of all, I like understanding, or just thinking I know “why?”

This will be a website less about me, but definitely about my thoughts, distractions, and explorations of the world from a Merida perspective. While much of what we look into here will be Yucatan-based, not all of it will. But everything will come tinged with the viewpoint of someone in the tropics observing and questioning.

So, while we may discuss building a house in Merida, it likely won’t be a step-by-step on “how I did it.”  There are many of those out there.  There are many sites about daily lives of expats in Merida.

Hopefully, Dispatches from Merida will bring something new to the mix.  Everyone is welcome to participate in proposing questions to be explored and in digging for answers. In a way, this will be publicly-visible archaeology for answers about the old and new.  Let’s jump in!